How to Visit the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania


February 13, 2020

The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania is SO COOL and definitely worth a trip.

The sanctuary, located in Lititz, Pennsylvania, offers refuge and care for displaced wolves and wolf dogs. The refuge covers 80+ acres of woodland where the wolves live. The public can only tour the refuge on certain days, and since the organization is a non-profit the revenue from tours goes directly back into caring for the wolves. This is the sanctuary’s official website where you can find more information about visiting hours.

My friend and I visited for one of the refuge’s Saturday tours. We pulled up to a large field that served as a parking area, and we immediately saw wolves! The wolves were roaming just beyond a fence, and you can get pretty close to them even though you are separated by a double-walled barrier.

Once the tour started, everyone had 2 hours to walk through the refuge. The tour was mostly self-guided, but all of the wolf enclosures had a knowledgable volunteer stationed nearby to tell us about the wolves we were seeing.

We went on a cold day in January, and most of the wolves were pretty active. It was fascinating seeing the different species of wolves and wolf dogs. At one point, all of the wolves started howling, which was magical.


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