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I work with organizations, brands, and individuals who are passionate about connecting people with meaningful experiences, especially in the outdoors. 

I'm passionate about connecting people to meaningful experiences, especially in the outdoors. 

I see marketing, photography, and content creation as the gateway to meaningful experiences, especially in the outdoors. How can someone understand a natural resource and eventually desire to actively conserve the resource if they do not know the resource exists, or do not know how to experience the resource? A photo, website, or social media post is often someone's very first encounter with the outdoors. 

I see my job as a way to leverage marketing tools such as photos, videos, graphics, and words in order to inspire outdoor adventure, educate others about the outdoors, and lead people to meaningful, outdoor experiences. It is my job to create content that makes people thing, "I want to experience that". 

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I specialize in the outdoor industry, but I also work with travel destinations, brands, and other organizations. Here are a few ways to work with me!

Ways to Work with Me

Travel or landscape photography

Outdoor recreation/lifestyle  photography

Photography for brands or products

Photoshoot coordination and direction

Social media collaborations

Writing or blogging

Custom Illustrations

Photography for Your Brand

I don't just show up and take photos. 

 I work with you for every step of the way from the initial vision to the final images. I have extensive experience in conceptualizing, planning, coordinating, directing, shooting, editing, and delivering large and small scale photography projects. I have experience working with models, timelines, props, and activities. 

Whatever you have in mind, I can help bring your vision to life. 

Social Media + Collaborations with My Brand

I care about what I post about. 

My online community of over 3,800+ individuals is awesome. They love the outdoors and they are always looking some inspiration for a new products, destinations or adventures. 

Social media is a fun and super effective way to share your organization with a new audience. I care about what I post, and work with people whose mission aligns with mine. I offer brand collaborations through posts, photos, graphics, stories, videos, reels, and more!  

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Writing + Blogging

Words are powerful. 

I have years of copywriting and blogging experience especially with Delaware State Parks, The Outbound Collective, and from working as a content manager at a marketing agency. I can write a custom sponsored blog post on my site or be a guest writer on yours. blogs are important for website SEO, and words can be a powerful way to share a story.

Custom Illustrations

Let's get creative 

Illustrations are a fun, unique way to connect with people in a new way. Custom illustrations can be used for all kinds of things! social media, merchandise, fabric, shirts, etc. I've been doing watercolor and digital illustration for years, and it's fun to make a vision come to life through art. 

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