9 Best Winter Adventures in Delaware

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November 11, 2019

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t get outside for some amazing adventures! Here are the best winter outdoor adventures in Delaware!


First, here are some conditions that make for great winter adventures/photos:

  • Snow! If it snows, it’s time to get outside and go on an adventure. Snow changes the entire look of a landscape, and makes for great photos.
  • Extreme cold. If it’s wayyyy below freezing for a few days, ice may start to form on the waterways and at the bay beaches. Ice makes for great photos!
  • The Delaware Bay freezing over. If it gets cold enough in Delaware, the bay will freeze over. If this happens, you need to get to the Bay ASAP, because a frozen Delaware Bay is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

This is The Point when the Delaware Bay froze over.

This is The Point when the Delaware Bay froze over. Giant chunks of ice piled up on the beach.

Now on to my favorite adventures in the winter:


1.Hike The Point at Cape Henlopen State Park, especially during sunset.

This is my all-time favorite winter adventure in Delaware. In fact, you can only do this in the winter.

The Point is the piece of land that separates the Delaware Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. The formation is unique because it curves in a way that the sun sets directly over the water on the Bay side even though you’re on the east coast. The Point is closed during the summer months because of nesting shorebirds. But in the winter (October-March), the area is open and you can hike all the way around The Point. For the best views, go on a night where low tide and sunset happen at the same time. If possible, go after a snowfall or after a prolonged cold.


2. Blackbird State Forest: Hiking and Snow Photos

My favorite part of Blackbird State Forest is the group of towering coniferous trees. The trees look good in all seasons, and especially after a fresh snowfall!

3. Look for Snow Geese

Snow geese are one of my favorite things about winter in Delaware! Some farmers hate them, but I think they’re so cool. Every winter, thousands and thousands of snow geese migrate to Delaware. You can find giant flocks of them hanging out in fields throughout the state. My favorite places to see them are at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, or around Route 8 in Dover.


4. Birding at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bombay Hook is excellent in any season, but winter brings in a unique set of migratory birds including tundra swans, snow geese, and more. You can also catch some really cool icy sunsets over the pools.


5. Visit the Bay Beaches

Any of the bay beaches will look about the same in winter as in summer. Pick a day when low tide and sunset happen at the same time, and head out to Kitts Hummock, Big Stone Beach, Woodland Beach, or any other beaches on the Delaware bayshore! You may even see some snow geese! Ice also makes for great bay beach photos.

Ice at Kitts Hummock beach


6. Go looking for seals!

Yes, every winter grey seals and harbor seals come to Delaware! These guys like to hang out on the beach, or on the breakwater at Cape Henlopen State Park. You may even see them swimming off the coast. You can look for them on the beach, or take a boat out closer to the breakwater to see them. Delmarva Birding Weekends offers a winter birding boat trip every year, and you almost always see seals!

Harbor seal on the Delaware Breakwater. I saw this guy from a birding trip with Delmarva Birding Weekends.


7. Port Mahon: Sunset

Port Mahon is also good any time of year, but it’s a cool place during the winter. Ice and snow will often cover the rocks, and the pier is a good place to watch the sunset.


8. Killens Pond State Park: Hiking and Snow Photos

Killens Pond has a really cool stand of pine trees on the cross-country trail. The trees look awesome after a fresh snowfall!


9. Brandywine Creek State Park: Hiking and Snow Photos

If it snows, Brandywine Creek is a great place to go for winter photos. The hills add dimensions to snowy photos and Brandywine Creek’s trail system is enjoyable any time of year.


Here are more Delaware winter photos to inspire your next adventure!

Big Stone Beach

Harbor seal at Cape Henlopen State Park

Flock of snow geese at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse at Cape Henlopen State Park

Walking Dunes trail at Cape Henlopen State Park

Sunset at The Point, Cape Henlopen State Park

Snow geese in Dover, Delaware

Ice at Killens Pond State Park

Boat dock at Killens Pond State Park

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